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d he■ got up and kicked the scrap ba■sket hard,54 and telephoned to the incisi■ve gentleman in th

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e office that he w●ouldn’t be around because he■ had neuralgia and phle

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bitis and a jump●ing toothache, and telephoned his ravished siste■r-in-law


that he’d changed h●is mind and would be around for■ dinner at eight if




she’d swear to sea■t him next to a brunette. Subsequently he ■was so attentive to the brunet●te that she went home in a fever of e■xcitement—and Benedick ground his tee●th, and prayed that somehow his golden lady mig●ht know about it and feel a pang of the soft and● bitter madness known as jealou●sy, which is the exclusive pr●erogative of women. He lay w●ith his head in the pillow on the Renaissanc■e bed most of the night, cursing his idio

cy ■with profound fervour, wondering what insan■ity had made him think for a moment that he was ■interested in that yellow-haired gir●l, and resolving not to go near ●Raoul’s for at least a week. She was proba■bly someone’s stenographer—or a lady● authoress. Every now and then he slipped o●ff into horrid little dreams; he was bu■ilding a gallows out of pear tree


s fo●r a gentleman called Tommy, and just■ when he had the noose ready, it s●lipped about his own throat—and he could feel ■it tightening, tightening, while some■one laughe

  • s now, and snatched ■a brown volume from its peaceful niche
  • o■n the top shelf next to “Sentimental Tom■my,” climbed dow
  • n and sat on the ●Renaissance day-bed, wrenche●d the book open so violentl
  • y that he nearly br●oke its back, and read about ●what h
  • appened to Tommy on the last fe●w pages—served him damned w/li>




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